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80% More Storage Capacity

Today the increased cost of managing storage space means that important logistical requirements have to be faced in order to improve economy and efficiency. These requirements include:

  • Maximum storage capacity
  • Low costs (save money)
  • 100% Selectivity
  • Easy access
  • Safety
  • Fast product movement
  • Minimum product handling
  • Guaranteed FIFO

In Your Coldroom

The advantage is that a static racking system is condensed into a much smaller space, using one aisle only, that can be opened in the required position, giving a quick access to all the pallets. Saving unused space you have two opportunities:

  • to keep the same storage capacity using slightly more than half the space
  • to increase by 80% the storage capacity using the same space

With Mystar Mobile Racking System

Mobile racking is a system which enables conventional pallet racking to be mounted on moveable bases to provide the highest possible density of storage with all the associated reductions in operating costs. Higher space utilisation means lower running costs in terms of lighting and heating or refrigeration. Refinements such as heated cabs and operator friendly safety systems lead to operator satisfaction in this arduous environment at -30oC.

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