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Who's Who
Prestar Marketing Sdn Bhd (PMKTG), formerly known as Y.K. Toh Marketing Sdn Bhd is one of the subsidiaries of Prestar Resources Berhad.

We are the marketing arm distributing products such as Builder's Hardware, Professional Hand Tools, MRO Chemical, Storage and Racking System to local market.

Business Unit
We have Hardware and Material Handling Equipments (MHE) units catering to create satisfied customers by offering quality, value-added products at highly competitive prices. To be closer to our customers, PMKTG has strategically situated our offices in three of Malaysia's most hectic gateways:

  1. Selangor Office
  2. Penang (Northern branch office)
  3. Johor (Southern branch office)

What can we Offer
We offer the world's renowned brands on exclusive basis.

  1. Builder's Hardware
    PRESTAR® Wheelbarrows
    PRESTAR® Pneumatic Wheels & Spare Tube
    CROCODILE® Hoes, Fork, Machetes

  2. Professional Hand Tools
    OREX™ Hand Tools & Personal Protective Equipment
    DIAGER® Jobber, Mansory, Hammer Drills
    GENIUS® Hand Tools
    G-MAN® Bow Saw & Bow Saw Blades

  3. Material Handling & Warehouse Equipment
    STOCKY® Hydraulic Pallet Trucks, Stacker Trucks & Pallet Mesh
    YALE® Warehouse Equipment & Forklift

  4. Storage & Racking System
    MYSTAR® BS5000 Boltless Rack, Pallet Racking, Drive-in & other Racking Systems
    MYSTAR® Platform Hand Trucks & Trolleys

  5. MRO Chemical
    LPS® MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Operations) Chemicals


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