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Prestar Precision Tube Sdn Bhd [200401004690 (643193-X)] (Unit 1) (PPT-1) is engaged in the manufacturing of Carbon Steel Pipes, Hollow Sections in square, rectangular and special profiles for the furniture, automobile, Engineering and construction industries.

The products range from 1/2" diameter to 4" diameter in cold-rolled are conforming to the international BS, ASTM and JIS standards.

PPT-1 is equipped with six latest models of Tube Mills capable of producing high quality products with an annual production of 90,000 Metrics Tons.

Apart from supplying to local industries as well as in-house usage, PPT-1 also export its products to overseas countries such as the Middle East, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Mauritius and etc.

PPT-1 is also in the process of intensifying customer-oriented market research to meet specific customer requirements on size, thickness, length and quantity to cater various industries.

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